Art submissions can be sent as up to six separate attachments or preferably in a single .zip file. We accept only originals or high-quality copies or scans. No slides, please. If you choose to send your work in digital form, either on optical media or as attachments, each piece must be saved as a separate .TIFF file no larger than 6 x 9 inches and at a resolution of 600 dpi for line art and 300 dpi for all others. If your piece is chosen for the cover, you may be contacted for a larger file. Digital submissions that do not adhere to these guidelines will not be considered. Please query with questions or for alternate submission methods.

**Please note that Redivider prints predominantly in black and white. Color submissions will be considered for the cover, as black-and-white reprints on internal pages, and as color images on the website. We also consider black-and-white images for the cover.