Redivider seeks previously unpublished art, fiction, graphic narrative,  nonfiction, and poetry from new, emerging, and established artists and writers. We welcome simultaneous submissions, as long as you withdraw your piece via Submittable as soon as it gets accepted elsewhere.

As payment, contributors receive two copies of the issue featuring their work and a $20 honorarium. 

For rules, guidelines, and policies regarding our contest submissions, please visit our contest pages for the Beacon Street Prize and the Blurred Genre Contest.

We take seriously the business of receiving and considering submissions, and we promise to handle your work with respect and care. In return, we ask that submitters do their part by familiarizing themselves with our content by browsing our archives, purchasing back issues, or better yet–subscribing. 

Please submit no more than once per six-month period (not including contest submissions), and to only one genre at a time. Emerson College students, faculty, and staff–current or within the previous three years–may not submit. We prefer files in PDF or .docx format.

We ask that poets send no more than five poems total, combined into a single document and submission. We are looking for new and under-published voices. Submit what you’re worried to send elsewhere. We want poems with teeth. 

We are looking for nonfiction submissions up to 6,000 words that feature authentic voices speaking to cultural concerns. We want fresh work: essays that play with form and exhibit creativity in their craft. Give us something we haven’t read in workshop or other lit mags and journals. We want work that challenges our readers to think, that raises awareness, and that offers fresh perspectives.

We seek fiction submissions up to 8,000 words that are at once engaging, idiosyncratic, and humane. While our stories can range from the comically absurd to the understated and contemplative, we especially have a fondness for sharply drawn characters, alien but fully realized settings, and concentrated efforts to transgress the trappings of what has come to be known as “literary fiction.” Ultimately, we’re looking for stories that remind us exactly why we got wrapped up in literature in the first place.

Redivider now accepts graphic narratives and illustrated poetry. By graphic or illustrated, we mean drawn media coupled with words in a provocative form that tells a story or expresses an idea. These pieces may range from the brightly humorous to the darkly serious, and may span any number of topics, but above all should maintain a literary focus. Our goal is to publish drawn panels that enhance, challenge, and reveal the texts they accompany. Each piece should:
  • total 15 pages max
  • incorporate the artist/author name and title of the work on the first page of the submission 
  • be suited for black and white printing
Art submissions can be sent as up to six separate attachments or preferably in a single .zip file. We accept only originals or high-quality copies or scans. No slides, please. If you choose to send your work in digital form, either on optical media or as attachments, each piece must be saved as a separate .TIFF file no larger than 6 x 9 inches and at a resolution of 600 dpi for line art and 300 dpi for all others. If your piece is chosen for the cover, you may be contacted for a larger file. Digital submissions that do not adhere to these guidelines will not be considered. Please query with questions or for alternate submission methods.

**Please note that Redivider prints predominantly in black and white. Color submissions will be considered for the cover, as black-and-white reprints on internal pages, and as color images on the website. We also consider black-and-white images for the cover.

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Ryan J. Burden* / Eric Schlich / Afsheen Farhadi / Matthew Grolemund / Tegan Nia Swanson


Jessica Wilbanks* / Rachel Toliver / John Robinson / Marty Ross-Dolen / Kirstin Allio


Melissa Stein* / Paige Lewis / Patricia Smith / Anais Duplan / Sarah Katz / Kathryn Smith / Rodney Gomez / Candace Williams / Xiao Yue Shan / Thom Caraway / Candace Williams / Desiree C. Bailey / Paige Lewis / Maggie Smith


Gina Mudge / Jon Merrell / Jennifer Lothrigel / Dev Foster / Heidi Haire

*Beacon Street Prize Winner


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